Do whatever you want

This phase might sound a bit silly but I would have to say it loud for my sake. While living in Finland, everyone surrounding me repeated this all the time. Before I got to know how liberating it was to make a choice based on my feeling, objective viewpoints had controlled my behavior. I think this tendency derived from how our society has developed as closed villages, but I’m not going to talk about it this time.

Anyway, I was released from hassles for the first time by deciding things by own and saying no sometimes so as to feel comfortable with others. Being honest with myself made me conscious what truly matters in my life. However, when this comes to future careers, everyone might have wished one time how to make dreams come true while facing a gap between ideals and reality. When struggling dilemmas, we easily get discouraged from taking risks because we have to earn money to live today. How is it possible to build an ideal career by pursuing what you like?

A few days ago, I met one person who has own company launching 30 projects so far, he explained how he made his life doing what he loves. Firstly, it’s inevitable to do enough amount of works without pay as taking steps to a big scale of dreams. Through experience we get, the distance separating us and a future plan would be closer and closer. During a certain period of no payment, your engagement should be fun in terms of creativity, productivity, and happiness in your life. Trying whatever seems interesting lets us realize how to hit the next level. In fact, there’s no right or straight path to develop so that we would become capable of things that only we have done. That’s what I’ve learned from the conversation with him and that encouraged me in a way no one else could have ever done.

I was too afraid to fail, get poor, and be judged by people that my life is not successful. But I should be the one who’s confident most about own life by doing what I would love to do. Without the feeling of agreement about things I’m doing, I’ll never truly be satisfied even with large amounts of money in my bank account. Social status doesn’t shape who we really are. Focusing on what we do and how much it fulfilled our life are more important in a way to improve well-being in our life. So I started going places and events, joining small projects and meeting people outside of my comfort zone rather than just wait for a right opportunity to get a perfect job. Let’s see what I’ll get from failures and challenges because after all, do something is much better than nothing!


Being vegan in Japan

Since I came back to Japan, there’ve been always difficulties in eating out as a vegan. Japan was such a country of which dietary was plant-based and consists of a little amount of meat and dairy products. However, as the culture shifts to Western styles, people have become to prefer meat to vegetable more than ever.

What’s weird to be a vegan in Japan, is people always ask me if my dietary preference is based on my religious belief. Every time I get the question and I can’t always help laughing about the fact how they are biased due to the misunderstanding of other heterogeneous behaviors. Veganism has nothing to do with Halal or Islam. If I was a Muslim, why am I not wearing a hijab? I know vegans aren’t the majority anywhere in the world so that people are likely to be super skeptical about the nutritious balance of vegan dietary and the environmental impact of being vegan as an individual. However, isn’t that funny that how they get me so wrong? Well, I don’t usually counter back on them to show off the scientific references about the health and ecological effects of veganism. But for those who might have doubts about vegan, here’re some studies about the health and environmental facts.

Vegetarians and vegans have a relatively low BMI and a low plasma cholesterol concentration

Vegetarian diet is better for the planet, says Lord Stern

In Japan, there’s been a strong peer pressure to behave in the same way others do on the ground of our heterogeneousness. However, I would like to say it’s absolutely okay to be different. We never taught to be so as one of the  petty traits in our society. Open-minded attitudes and respects towards different values are significant rather than flat refusals and aimless sympathies.  Conversations with peers is what I absolutely love doing throughout my life. We can discover better ideas and absorb them into own routines if agreeable in order to improve own quality of life while valuing to a society. Although facing the suspicion against veganism, I’ll keep sharing my ideas to stretch out my friends’ and jerks’ perspectives.

The very first blogging

So here’s my first post and I aim to share honest and personal experience about my student life which towards the end of the bachelor. Because of the Japanese recruitment system, I’ve recently got anxiety about my future much more than I need to be worried. It’s been relatively normal for Japanese companies to hire graduate students without particular work experience right after graduation. The system of seniority and lifetime employment have been ensured once they entered a firm. This contributed to the economic development since the post-war era and today’s low unemployment rate in our country. (which is only 3% of the population)

Then, you may wonder why the hell I’ve been scared of the future despite the privileged situation. Because it’s not about the difficulty to find a job or the economic situation. Most Japanese companies are known for its horrible working situation in which people have overtime duties without extra payment. Secondly, people and jobs overwhelmingly congregate in Tokyo where I would avoid living in terms of its density.  Speaking of body health, it is crucial to mentally stay positive. I desperately know working in Japan will make me exhausted! These are the fundamental causes which have been depressing when it comes to the future career.

There is no way to avoid thinking about the future path while my student life is coming to its end pretty soon. Hence, I’d like to put out my thoughts in order to make it clear and feel better. This blog might go about random topics like my interests, hobbies, movies or songs, books or places. Yes, pretty much everything.